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Dr Siddharth Roy


I am from a background of homeopathic practitioners. And I am currently 4th generation practicing this medicinal system.


Have completed 11 years of practice so far and have offered my services to the suffering mankind.


So far I have dealt with various kinds of diseases and have successfully helped my patient in their journey from recovery to cure or palliative treatment in patients with severe advanced stage diseases.


Naming A Few Of The Diseases

  • Stones or calculi of all kinds of origin like renal, gall bladder, pancreatic, etc.

  • Cancers of various origins rectal/lung, gall bladder, brain, etc.

  • Tuberculosis of various origin lungs, bones, lymph nodes, etc.

  • Epileptic fits, chronic migraine, autism, diabetes, hypertension, acne, short height issue in children,

  • Tumors of various origins uterine, breast, bones, etc.

  • Diseases with the delayed milestone in children with autism, down syndrome, delayed speech or abnormal walking in children, etc

  • All kinds of piles bleeding and none bleeding.

  • All kind of skin issues acne, psoriasis, urticaria, dry or wet eczema, etc.

  • All kinds of motor neuron diseases, paralysis complete or partial.

  • All kinds of stomach/liver issues chronic constipation, fatty liver, jaundice, etc.

  • Diseases associated with hair fall, alopecia, dandruff, etc.


Completed my schooling in Rajasthan and after that, I joined Kharagpur homeopathic medical college and hospital under West Bengal University of health and sciences for my bachelor's degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery. As a student, I was keen to know about all aspects of this medicinal art of science and finally, after completion of the course was awarded honors in material medica which is the homeopathic pharmacopeia.

Introduction To Homeopathy

Being from a homeopathic background, I was not that keen to learn about homeopathy until one day I saw a miracle happening in front of my eyes, which made me believe in the power of Homeopathic medicine and its benefits.

  The Incident


At the age of 16 years I used to sit along with my grandfather late Dr. Ajoy Ratan Banerjee simply to observe the true nature of the homeopathic medicinal system, on one fine day the room was filled with patients, then I noticed a patient entering the clinic. He was a paralyzed patient being assisted by his two fellow family members, as he was unable to stand or walk on his own, somehow he made it to my grandfather and narrated entire problems to my grandfather, and then he was provided with the medicine for his issues. After a week only I saw him walking on his feet with a big smile on his face, that was the day when I started to believe in miracles that are possible in this medicinal system HOMEOPATHY.


Our vision and my aim are to provide the best homeopathic treatment from our side to the world in the easiest and convenient way.

The Clinic


Easily Accessible

To be the most advanced Homeopathic Clinic in the world.

We will serve our patients and their families, staff, and communities with dignity and respect. We will serve the ever-changing needs of our urban and suburban populations while honoring their religious and cultural differences.

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Health, Safety And Privacy First

 We pledge to deliver world-class health care solutions to you & your family. We assure you of complete healthcare services for your family to meet modern-day hectic life style and live a better and more fulfilling life. Whilst Keeping Your Health, Safety and Privacy paramount to whatever we do.

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Organized and Social Distancing First

We have a zero tolerance policy on social distancing and that is why we practice to the word and make sure our patients and our team follow the same on a regular basis.


State Of The Art Medical Dispensary 

We have a state of the art dispensary at our clinic and take extra care with every medicine dispensed to our patients. 

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